Intermix Expert for Continuous Casting

The Intermix Expert for all types of continuous casting machines calculates the mixed-steel area and incompatible strand portions along the entire strand. The information gathered allows the Yield Expert to cut prime products before and after the incompatible section of the strand, so maximum prime-quality yield is ensured.

Steel mixing takes place not only in the tundish but also in the mold and upper parts of the strand. Mixing in these areas is evaluated by a mix-box-type submodel of the Intermix Expert, which makes it possible to calculate the chemical composition of the steel at any position along the cast strand. Based on the chemical composition of the steel, the Intermix Expert calculates whether the mixed steel zones can be used for the desired product application or if the steel has to be downgraded or even scrapped. Input parameters such as analysis, tundish weight, casting speeds, and dimensions of the strand are taken into account.

The computed results are visualized in the human machine interface. Graphs are displayed for single-analysis elements or combinations of multiple elements. Valuable information including volume concentration, mixed steel length, scrap length, and heat ranges on the strand are displayed on the screen. Configuration and simulation of the model are easily carried out in the Maintenance and Simulation System. ­Metallurgists can choose which chemical elements are used to determine the intermix for any steel grade. At the same time, Intermix Expert will provide them with precise information on the chemical analysis at any position on the cast slabs. The Intermix Expert’s powerful simulation environment allows the intermix of different steel grades to be accurately tested.