Yield Expert

Yield Expert minimizes scrap during production, optimizes the casting process, and handles quality-related defects.

The aim of the Yield Expert is to minimize scrap and to optimize yield. It considers scrap portions, quality defects, weight restrictions, sample cuts, and width changes while producing the maximum number of scheduled products. Yield Expert optimizes product length or product weight whenever scrap sections need to be taken care of, thanks to advanced algorithms that determine the area that should be allocated as a scrap section. It also handles quality-related defects, and schedules mold-width adjustments to amend the casting process. Yield Expert’s optimization algorithms can easily be switched on or off via direct on-line control. One of Yield Expert’s strongest features is the ability to replay previously used cut-to-length optimization steps within actual production setups. Yield optimization has never been so easy, straightforward, and transparent.