ATI Latrobe Starts Up New EAF from Primetals Technologies

The new electric arc furnace supplied by Primetals Technologies was started-up at USAmerican steel producer ATI at its production site in Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Primetals Technologies is pleased to announce the start-up of an electric arc furnace it supplied to global specialty materials producer ATI for its Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA facility. The arc furnace is designed to process a wide range of input materials and will replace equipment coming to the end of its useful life. The project also included the hydraulics for furnace movement and automation systems.

The new furnace is part of ATI’s transformation of its Specialty Rolled Products business, expanding advanced capabilities through a highly efficient footprint to serve customers in aerospace, defense and other highly demanding markets. The new furnace increases flexibility and reliability while reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Primetals Technologies engineered the electric arc furnace especially for foundry applications: It is suitable for melting as well as for refining. The EAF is designed as an alternating current (AC) system, so it is optimally equipped for the specific requirements of small batches, varying charge sizes and discontinuous production. AC arc furnaces can be operated with or without hot heel. In particular, smaller casting shops that produce a large number of different steels rely on a rapid changeover of production. This lowers costs, reduces maintenance and increases the availability of the EAF. It also permits an economical batch process since the steel solidifying on the ground between batches cannot cause any damage. Additionally, increased efficiency and state-of-the-art furnace controls will significantly minimize environmental emissions.

The furnace is as well equipped with a furnace pressure control device which is connected to the upgraded dedusting system, improving the environmental situation in the plant.


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