New Partnership with SICON to Promote Digitalization of Scrap Yards

Holistic solutions from Primetals Technologies and SICON for scrap identification, processing and sorting enable processing of input materials for the production of high-quality end products. Copyright: SICON

Primetals Technologies and SICON recently signed a cooperation agreement concerning the development of holistic solutions for the digitization of complete scrap yards. Primetals Technologies specializes, among other things, in optical scrap identification and the automation of production processes and logistics. SICON is a specialist in the processing, analysis and sorting of scrap. For the production of high quality steel grades, steel producers usually need solutions to all these issues, as well as a scrap composition matched to the end product. This “design scrap” allows a greater amount of scrap to be used in higher quality grades. This means that, when transforming a scrap yard into a digitalized and thus “smart” scrap yard, an integrated solution from Primetals Technologies and SICON saves a lot of work at the implementation stage and enables the processing of input materials for the production of high-quality end products.

Fully digitalized scrap yards

Primetals Technologies and SICON have been cooperating for some time, especially with steel producers, to automate and digitalize processes related to scrap handling. Due to the continuously growing demands on the steel grades produced, the optical detection of foreign materials in scrap and the complete automation of logistics processes are becoming increasingly important in addition to the chemical purity and pre-sorting. As part of the cooperation, both companies are now developing holistic solutions for the digitalization of complete scrap yards. The solution portfolio covers the complete chain from the delivery of scrap to the feeding of the melting units. Interfaces between different modules are standardized. Data and information can be used across all solutions. This saves steel producers time and effort in defining and programming interfaces and in coordinating implementation. Depending on the project requirements, individual modules can be selected and, if necessary, added at a later date.

There is great interest in such solutions, especially in the steel industry, in connection with measures to reduce CO2 through increased use of scrap. The first preliminary projects for precious metal smelters for the optical detection of foreign elements in scrap and the complete optical and chemical characterization of scrap pieces are already underway.

Demand-oriented preparation of input materials for high-quality end products

For some time now, Primetals Technologies has offered solutions for the optical detection of foreign materials in scrap, storage location management and intelligent, fully automated transport systems.

SICON is a medium-sized machine and plant manufacturer with an international orientation and focus on the development and implementation of customer-specific solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing in the scrap and steel industry. Founded in 1998 as a planning and consulting office, SICON today offers as a manufacturer and supplier the complete spectrum of scrap and metal processing, ranging from shredding to the separation of all materials according to type.

With holistic solutions from Primetals Technologies and SICON for the identification, processing and sorting of scrap, steel and non-ferrous metal producers achieve demand-oriented processing of input materials as well as environmentally compatible recycling of residual materials and by-products.


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