Tosyali Orders Second Slab Caster

Representatives from Tosyali and Primetals Technologies. From left to right: Franz Gartner, Cenk Derinkök, Fuat Tosyalı, Aashish Gupta, Suhat Korkmaz, Tufan Songüler, and Bernhard Gabriel.

Turkish-based Tosyali Holding recently ordered a new slab caster to expand the Algerian market, implementing the slab caster with a new hot-strip mill in Bethioua, located in the north-western part of Algeria. The Bethioua steel plant employs 4,000 people is represents a portion of Tosyali’s 70 percent share of the Algerian steel market. 

Significant capacity increase

Based on positive experiences, including two EAF Quantum electric arc furnaces, a twin vacuum-degassing plant with oxygen blowing, and a 2-strand slab caster for its site in Iskenderun, Turkey, Tosyali chose Primetals Technologies for their recent order. The new casting machine in Algeria will have the same design and settings as Iskenderun. The new 2-strand slab caster machine can produce 3.4 million tons per year, and thickness ranges from 200 to 250 millimeters and widths from 900 to 1,800 millimeters.

Automated Steel Quality

The slab caster includes sophisticated Level 2 process automation systems, including LevCon, DynaPhase, Dynacs 3D, DynaGap Soft Reduction, and the Mold Expert system:

  • LevCon is an automatic mold level control system that quickly adjusts to changing casting conditions. Using model-based control algorithms, LevCon features auto-adaptive dynamic bulging compensation, ensuring optimal casting speeds up to 1.6 meters per minute.
  • Dynaphase is a thermodynamic phase transformation model using parameters thermal enthalpy, thermal conductivity, and density to calculate how the liquid steel is composed and how it will behave during solidification.
  • Dynacs 3D is a secondary-cooling model that calculates the complete 3D temperature profile at any position along the strand to achieve optimal adjustment of secondary-cooling setpoints. At the same time, this model reveals the point of final strand solidification for the best possible control of cooling.
  • DynaGap Soft Reduction is a fully automatic roll-gap control system that allows dynamic soft reduction to minimize centerline segregation for improved internal strand quality.
  • The Mold Expert breakout pre-detection system increases plant availability and cuts the time needed for maintenance by using a prompt alert system. It also provides detailed mold process data monitoring. The automation packages ensure no cracks in the slabs and guarantee high inner steel quality.

Beyond these automation packages, the slab caster also includes the Through-Process Optimization (TPO) system, which can inspect slabs, analyze root causes for defects, tune the automated quality rating, process optimization, and record and visualize data.

Quick Startup

Primetals Technologies uses the connect and cast principle to ensure a fast and trouble-free startup, consisting of defined interfaces between hardware, mechanics, and automation systems. Connect and cast translates to a rapid startup phase with market-ready slabs.


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