Pioneers Talk #7: Crafted Scrap To Reduce CO2 and Produce Quality Steel

How can “crafted scrap” enable the production of high-quality steel and reduce CO2 emissions in a steel factory? Moreover, how can you convert conventional scrap into crafted scrap? And how essential is the automation of production processes and internal logistics in steel plants? These questions demand answers, and specialists at SICON and Primetals Technologies have demonstrated breakthroughs in the identification and automation of scrap processing to produce high-quality steel. In episode seven of Pioneers Talk, we hear from Heiner Guschall, CEO of SICON Germany, and Andreas Melcher from Primetals Technologies about breakthroughs in scrap sorting, the development of crafted scrap, and how crafted scrap can enable the production of quality steel and reduce CO2 emissions.

Pioneers Talk is the new video format of Primetals Technologies, focusing on informative and empowering interviews with experts in metals production and beyond. Topics extend to new advances in digitalization and automation, breakthroughs in green-production solutions, and success strategies for steel producers on all continents.

Heiner Guschall, CEO SICON Germany

Heiner Guschall is the CEO and founder of SICON Germany and is responsible for everything from sales to research and development and holds numerous patented processes. SICON focuses on developing and implementing customized solutions for the processing and cleaning ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the resulting residual materials and supplies individual machines and complete and customized plants. With EcoScan® Online and LaserSort, SICON has introduced groundbreaking innovations for scrap processing and metal separation.

Andreas Melcher

With over 30 years of professional experience in electrics and automation in metallurgical plant construction, Andreas Melcher is part of product lifecycle management for scrap yard automation at Primetals Technologies. His collective experience in plant automation includes hard- and software engineering, commissioning, technical assistance, project management, sales, hardware and software engineering, and business development and leadership in iron and steelmaking and continuous casting.

Dr. Christoph Stangl

Christoph Stangl has more than 25 years international experience in marketing, sales, consulting, manufacturing and (information) technology. At Primetals Technologies he acts as moderator, conceptioner and creator of remarkable content. Christoph focuses on the needs, pains, gains and solutions of steel producers to improve the automation, optimization and digitalization of their steel plants.