Pioneers Talk #19: Developing the Smelter

The Smelter is a new and groundbreaking ironmaking technology that has recently generated tremendous interest. Designed to process DRI made from low-grade iron ore, the Smelter can handle larger proportions of slag with much greater ease than an electric arc furnace. In this session of Pioneers Talk, Andreas Pfeiffer shares some of his insights into the Smelter, many of which originate from cutting-edge university research.

Pioneers Talk is the new video format of Primetals Technologies, focusing on informative and empowering interviews with experts in metals production and beyond. Topics extend to new advances in digitalization and automation, breakthroughs in green-production solutions, and success strategies for steel producers on all continents.

Andreas Pfeiffer

Andreas Pfeiffer joined Primetals Technologies 2023 when he entered the final stages of his doctoral work. Having now earned his PhD from the University of Leoben, Austria, Andreas is determined to expand the scope of metallurgy with new and exciting solutions designed to make steel production more advanced. While his efforts on the Smelter mark his first major contribution, we can rest assured there will be more to come.

Tom Widter

Tom Widter joined Primetals Technologies in 2016 and now works in the Marketing and Communications department. He is Editor-in-Chief of Metals Magazine, the company’s customer magazine, and co-host of “Pioneers Talk.” Tom cares deeply about didactics, style, branding, the future of metals, personal growth, and the Oxford comma.