Pioneers Talk #21: Pushing the Limits in Electric Steelmaking

Electric steelmaking plays a crucial role in the transition to green steel. But for many producers, the transformation of their production routes—away from integrated steel production—raises difficult questions. Deniz Catan, an expert in electric steelmaking, joins Tom Widter in addressing points such as “What are the raw materials of the future?” or “What kinds of steel grades can be made with the electric arc furnace?” You may be surprised to learn that electric steelmaking, done right, can enable the production of even some of the most challenging steels.

Deniz Catan

Deniz Catan is a metallurgist by training and has years of experience working as chief engineer at a leading European steel producer. In 2012, he decided to share his expertise with the world by joining one of Primetals Technologies’ predecessor companies. Deniz is a huge outdoor sports enthusiast who embraces everything from mountain biking to hiking and diving, and therefore strives to make his contribution to protecting nature by promoting “green” electric steelmaking solutions.

Tom Widter

Tom Widter joined Primetals Technologies in 2016 and now works in the Marketing and Communications department. He is Editor-in-Chief of Metals Magazine, the company’s customer magazine, and co-host of “Pioneers Talk.” Tom cares deeply about didactics, style, branding, the future of metals, personal growth, and the Oxford comma.