Pioneers Talk #22: Predicting the Future with AI

Pioneers Talk Studio with Petra Krahwinkler and Tom Widter.

Artificial intelligence, when implemented correctly, can greatly enhance the steel production process—for instance, by predicting metallurgically relevant parameter values or by further stabilizing the inner workings of the plant. However, not all AI algorithms are made the same, according to Dr. Petra Krahwinkler, Senior Expert at Primetals Technologies. Dr. Krahwinkler knows how to tackle the “black box” problem, to design “random forest” algorithms, and to remain unafraid of “unknown events.” In this episode of Pioneers Talk, she takes us deep into the realm of machine learning.

Dr. Petra Krahwinkler

Dr. Petra Krahwinkler is all about pioneering new algorithms in the world of steel. She holds the title of “Senior Expert” for artificial intelligence at Primetals Technologies and is one of the company’s innovators in machine learning. Having earnt a ph.d at Germany’s RWTH Aachen University, Krahwinkler uses her curiosity to find new ways of implementing AI in steel production, especially in the upstream area. In doing so, she often discovers that it’s not always easy to make AI tools do things that are actually … smart.

Tom Widter

Tom Widter joined Primetals Technologies in 2016 and now works in the Marketing and Communications department. He is Editor-in-Chief of Metals Magazine, the company’s customer magazine, and co-host of “Pioneers Talk.” Tom cares deeply about didactics, style, branding, the future of metals, personal growth, and the Oxford comma.