Where steel meets art

The Klebebande Berlin tape artists at the Metec 2015 exhibition stand of Primetals Technologies; from left to right: Nikolaj Bultmann, Bodo Höbing and Bruno Kolberg; www.klebebande-berlin.com/

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Steelmaking is an art. This was demonstrated during Metec 2015 at the Primetals Technologies exhibition stand by the “Klebebande Berlin” tape artists. Using vividly colored strips of tape, this group of young artists visualized various process steps from the iron and steel production route in a highly original and creative way. This unique artistic expression of metallurgical plants with tape offers an unprecedented perspective on various elements of the product portfolio of Primetals Technologies. The combination of steelmaking and art also symbolizes the innovative solution approach that Primetals Technologies applies toward finding solutions to meet the global challenges faced by the metals industry as well as the company’s vision of:

Creating the future of metals as one.

Iron ore mine (beneficiation and agglomeration)
Blast furnace ironmaking
Corex ironmaking
Electric steelmaking
LD (BOF) converter steelmaking
Continuous casting
Long-rolling (cooling bed)
Hot-strip mill
Hot-strip mill (coiler section)
Strip processing
Metallurgical services