A New Way to Experience Metals


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Held every four years, METEC is the world’s most important event in metallurgical technology. In 2011, more than 19,000 people attended the enormous fair that featured 486 exhibitors from 33 countries. With top ratings of 98% from visitors and exhibitors, it is no surprise that METEC enjoys a reputation as the world’s preeminent metallurgy forum for experts to meet, exchange ideas and share experiences.

In June 2015, METEC will introduce a new global player in the field of metals production: Primetals Technologies. To celebrate this new partnership between Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery and Siemens VAI Metals Technologies, Primetals Technologies will present its technology, product and service portfolio in the context of an interactive exhibition. Together with Ars Electronica, the world’s leading institution in digital arts and futuristic media technology, a unique exhibition area with an immersive environment was developed to allow visitors to explore the company’s multifaceted portfolio. Interactive walls and terminals invite visitors to find out about the company’s products and services that can help them achieve win-win results and enter long-term partnerships with their customers. The exhibits are spread out in an open space and are inspired by elements from metallurgical processes.

A landmark object in the middle of the exhibition area is certain to draw attention: moving screens displaying scenes of metallurgical process steps will perform a baffling choreography. This artistic interpretation of the iron and steel production route – as well as all other interactive exhibits – was developed by Ars Electronica Solutions, the most recently established division of Ars Electronica.

Starting at the welcome desk, visitors will be provided with general information about Primetals Technologies and the display area. Staff will be on hand to put visitors in touch with company experts. Information about upcoming events and lectures at ESTAD, the congress associated with METEC, will be provided at the welcome desk and shown on interactive walls. In addition to up-to-date details about the ESTAD program, these walls will present an overview of projects implemented by Primetals Technologies all over the world. At the centerpiece display, a large interactive table with a slab-inspired aesthetic will allow visitors to retrieve basic information about the company’s portfolio. Other installations will provide information about key technologies via an augmented-reality interface. Process highlights along the entire iron and steel production chain, including environmental technologies and lifecycle services, will be available at the numerous terminals that are situated in the networking area. Another central element of the exhibition area will be a zone that resembles an open-pit mine – the starting point where the metals-production journey begins. The Primetals Technologies stand will also have an executive lounge where individual customer needs can be discussed in more detail.

Ars Electronica Solutions designed the exhibition area with the aim to convey information in an intuitive and playful manner, while also reflecting the company’s status as one of the world’s leading high-tech, innovative enterprises. This creative approach to launching the new company name and corporate design mirrors the unique global standing of Primetals Technologies.