AM/NS Calvert Selects Primetals Technologies to Supply RH Degasser and CCM

Twin RH degasser plant with CVL lifting system by Primetals Technologies

Primetals Technologies will supply an RH degasser, continuous slab casting machine, and material handling equipment to AM/NS Calvert for their new steel meltshop. A 50/50 joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel Corp. (NSC), the facility is in Calvert, Alabama, U.S.A. Once completed, the plant will be capable of producing 1.5 million tons of slabs annually to feed its existing hot strip mill. This expansion will give AM/NS Calvert full control of product quality and the flexibility to produce a broad spectrum of high-quality steel grades for the automotive industry.


Primetals Technologies will supply a 180-ton twin RH degasser plant. The system includes the patented Combined Vessel & Ladle Lifting System (CVL), the Combined Oxygen-Burner System (COB Lance), mechanical vacuum pump, ladle treatment stands, wire feeder station, argon stirring emergency lance, and Level 1 and Level 2 automation systems. This RH degasser plant is capable of producing enhanced products like interstitial free steel grades or ultra-low carbon steel grades and providing AM/NS Calvert with higher flexibility and throughput in a compact layout.


Another vital component is a single-strand, bow-type, continuous casting machine. The caster produces slabs in thicknesses from 235 to 255 millimeters, widths from 950 to 2,050 millimeters, and lengths of 4.2 to 11.75 meters. With a radius of 9 meters, the caster features a straight mold with segmented strand containment and a patented continuous bending and straightening process. A full suite of advanced process models, including DynaFlex oscillation, DynaGap Soft Reduction, and Dynacs 3D Secondary Cooling ensure class-leading production quality.


Advanced Level 2 technologies ensure slab quality control while mechatronics packages integrate technological control systems with core machine mechanical designs. These packages improve maintenance and quality tracking and optimize casting speed and slab cut length. The technology packages also monitor systems to detect problems, such as potential breakouts and clogged cooling spray nozzles.

AM/NS Calvert is one of the world’s most advanced steel finishing facilities. Purchased by ArcelorMittal and NSC in 2014, the plant has served the North American market since 2010 with an annual capacity of 5.3 million tons of flat-rolled carbon steel products. End-user markets include automotive, construction, pipe and tube, service center, appliance, and HVAC. Their steel grades for high-value applications include hot rolled bands, hot rolled pickled and oiled, cold-rolled, and advanced coated products. AM/NS Calvert also produces advanced high-strength steels needed for lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles. The facility includes a river terminal, hot strip mill, cold rolling mill, three hot-dip galvanizing lines, continuous annealing line, rail yard, and supporting infrastructure.


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