JSW Starts Up Two 2-Strand Slab Casters in Dolvi, India

Continuous slab caster from Primetals Technologies installed in the Dolvi plant of JSW Steel in India.

In October 2021, Indian steel producer JSW Steel started up two continuous slab casters at its Dolvi plant in Maharashtra. Together, the two two-strand casters have an initial annual capacity of around 4.5 million metric tons of slabs with future capacity potential for 6 million metric tons. A number of technology packages ensure that the slabs have high internal and surface quality. Primetals Technologies supplies also a hot rolling mill to the new Dolvi expansion plant. The hot rolling mill has an annual capacity of 5 million metric tons per year. JSW Steel already operates three continuous casting plants from Primetals Technologies at its steel works in Toranagallu, Karnataka.

JSW Steel is part of the JSW Group and is one of India’s leading private steel producers. At its six locations in three Indian states, the company has a total installed production capacity of around 18 million metric tons of steel per annum. The steel works in Dolvi currently has an installed production capacity of around 5.0 million metric tons of steel per annum. The new casting plants and new hot rolling mill from Primetals Technologies, together with other capital investments, will substantially increase the location’s capacity. In the medium term, JSW Steel has the vision to increase its total production capacity to 40 million metric tons of steel per annum.

The two continuous casting plants from Primetals Technologies are designed as bow caster with straight SmartMold and have a machine radius of nine meters and a metallurgical length of 34.5 meters, with a provision of 36.9 meters in future. Slabs will be cast with a thickness of 220 and 260 millimeters in widths ranging from 900 to 1,650 millimeters. The maximum casting speed will be just under two meters per minute with a provision of 2.1 meters per minute in future.

Primetals Technologies installed a number of technology packages to ensure not only a trouble-free casting process, but also slabs with high surface and internal quality. The packages include the Mold Expert breakout detection system, the LevCon mold level control, the DynaFlex mold oscillator, and the Quality Expert inline quality assurance system. Primetals Technologies also supplied the complete basic (level 1) and process automation (level 2) systems. DynaGap Soft Reduction in combination with Dynacs 3D cooling model enables slabs to be cast from high-quality pipe grades and other micro-alloyed steels. Primetals Technologies supervised installation and commissioning of the continuous casting plants and trained the customer’s personnel.


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