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How We Make Green Happen

Arvedi Endless Strip Production is the perfect solution for environmenally friendly casting and rolling, enabling zero-carbon steel, says Christoph Fellner.

Why do you want to make green happen?

Christoph Fellner: First and foremost, I want to make green happen because of my two beautiful daughters. They deserve to grow up in a sustainable environment. We live in Upper Austria, and even though I have travelled the world quite a bit and have seen many stunning places, I am always happy to come back home. We have breathtaking landscapes and very clean air. These things must be preserved for the next generation.

How does Arvedi Endless Strip Production technology contribute to green steel?

Fellner: Italian steel producer Arvedi has demonstrated with the Arvzero breakthrough that steel production at net-zero carbon emissions is more than a theoretical possibility—green steel is already a reality. One of the core enabling technologies of Arvzero is Arvedi ESP, an ultra-compact and highly efficient endless thin-slab casting and rolling line. Strip made with ESP is not only green but also of extremely high quality and consistency, and the range of products it can make is continually expanding. Even today, the portfolio includes silicon steels, which are used in the motors of electric cars.

The First Net-Zero Carbon Steel Producer in Europe – Acciaieria Arvedi

Roberto Venturini discusses Acciaieria Arvedi and their recent achievement, becoming the first net-zero carbon steel producer in Europe and technologies that contributed to this achievement.

Roberto Venturini (Quality Product Manager, Acciaieria Arvedi)
Christoph Fellner (Vice President of Endless Strip Production, Primetals Technologies)