Electrifier of Steelmaking

How We Make Green Happen

Electric steelmaking takes producers close to the limits of the laws of physics, says Dr. Hans-Jörg Krassnig. He aims to enable the circular economy.

Why do you want to make green happen?

Dr. Hans-Jörg Krassnig: I chose to study metallurgy because I wanted to make a difference. From my first day on the job in the steel sector, I have effectively been in the recycling industry thanks to my specialization in the field of electric steelmaking. Humanity depends upon the responsible and sustainable use of our planet’s resources, which is why I am a big believer in circular economy principles.

What role does electric steelmaking play in the green transformation?

Krassnig: With our solutions in electric steelmaking—such as the EAF Ultimate and EAF Quantum—we are melting and refining metallic raw materials close to the limits of what the laws of physics allow. If you select the right raw materials, for instance, a combination of scrap and direct reduced iron, you will be able to fulfill the requirements for high-end steel production including advanced steel grades highly sought after on the market. In essence, steel can be almost endlessly recycled, and electric steelmaking is one of the key enabling factors in our mission to keep the circular economy in metals production spinning.

In this session, Hans-Jörg Krassnig, Head of Electric Steelmaking, shares his fascination with the raw power of the electric arc furnace.