Trailblazer in Ironmaking

How We Make Green Happen

Hydrogen-based Fine-Ore Reduction, or HYFOR, is a revolutionary new approach toward ironmaking. Bernhard Hiebl, a trailblazer in ironmaking, was instrumental in crafting the solution.

Why do you want to make green happen?

Bernhard Hiebl: There are two reasons: First, I believe that, when you have the chance to facilitate progress, you should take it. The steel industry traditionally is rather conservative and does not belong to the faster-­moving sectors, so it’s important to have groundbreaking, future-oriented technologies in pole position. These innovations are inspiring to many, especially to the younger generation. Second, our societies and our economies depend on the development—and on the success—of new, environmetally compatible solutions. The combination of these two reasons makes developing green steel production technologies a no-brainer.

How will HYFOR contribute to the goal of green steel?

Hiebl: HYFOR represents a pretty radical approach toward ironmaking, because it uses the fluidized-bed principle to demonstrate that carbon-emissions-free ironmaking is no longer a dream but a reality. HYFOR can use all kinds of ore—high grade or low grade, and of various grain sizes before grinding—and combines the agglomeration and reduction stages into one streamlined system. We are already seeing immense interest in this new solution from steel producers worldwide.