E-Services: Accessing Digital Maintenance

The latest maintenance technologies are services that are online, digital, and optimized for condition monitoring and asset management—e.g., the Asset Life Expert and Maintenance and Asset Technology. With maintenance employees as critical users of these technologies, knowledge preservation, training, onboarding, asset conditions, scheduling, and more are part of digital, knowledge-based platforms that understand what assets and producers require, from training and spare parts management to downtime and labor scheduling.

The Asset Life Expert

The core of modern maintenance activities is collecting data and closely monitoring assets regarding temperature, pressure, vibration, noise, fluid levels, and more. Condition monitoring receives information via various sensors and digital assets implemented throughout a steel plant. A constant flow of monitoring information lessens the load on human actors. This allows for regular monitoring of the operating conditions of equipment and can identify potential faults or problems before they lead to failure. This type of information is the cornerstone of a preventative maintenance strategy.

An example of condition monitoring and understanding is the application of vibration monitoring. Vibration monitoring can occur according to specific industrial norms and register a complete analysis of measurements from a specific asset. Look at root mean square or peak comparisons with standardized thresholds in a standard monitoring arrangement. However, vibration monitoring that examines every measurement and every frequency increases the chances for root cause identification and “pre-warnings.” All vibration as an issue can be identified in terms of severity and transformed into actionable information. This type of analysis also utilizes machine learning to improve error recognition and vibration analysis.

The Asset Life Expert (ALEX) is the comprehensive condition monitoring assessment for the digital steel plant. As massive amounts of data are collected and stored for automation applications and collected from sensors throughout a plant, ALEX provides operators and maintenance staff with the evaluation of a massive collection of data to quickly identify failures and provide recommended actions in a straightforward interface. Accessible on various devices, ALEX is the ultimate digital maintenance assistant for ensuring maximum plant availability.

Instant Maintenance Assessment

With our free online self-assessment tool, you can easily compare the level of sophistication of your maintenance setup against the industry benchmark across seven dimensions.

Maintaining Assets

Maintenance management systems are methods for managing all maintenance processes and activities, from scheduling maintenance staff, recording maintenance strategies for specific assets, preserving and documenting maintenance “know-how,” and recording the status of various assets. Maintenance and Asset Technology (MAT) from Primetals Technologies shifts maintenance from a reactive maintenance strategy to a preventative maintenance strategy.

Asset Tracking

Maintenance and Asset Technology (MAT) provides access to component maintenance history, allowing staff to ascertain how often a particular part has been repaired or replaced. Meanwhile, data analytics help to make maintenance more predictable and planning more efficient, reducing ownership costs and boosting productivity.

Advanced Scheduling

MAT’s work order scheduling module allows work orders to be assigned to ­on-site and field technicians. Advanced visual scheduling makes use of visual tools for managing human resources and equipment, thereby increasing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Rule Editor

The Rule Editor is a maintenance assistance tool that offers rule-based suggestions for recurring scenarios. Users can define the suggestions that should be given in any particular situation, which helps to standardize and therefore streamline processes.

Work Order Tracking

This graphical support tool is designed to track work orders as well as progress toward completion based on user-defined criteria. Work orders can be created at the click of a button and assigned to on-site or field technicians.

KPI Dashboard

Access a quick overview of your current maintenance performance with the integrated KPI dashboards. Data analytics help to make maintenance more predictable and planning more efficient, thereby reducing ownership costs and boosting productivity.


MAT runs on tablets for on-site and offline use. The mobile app allows service engineers to access work orders, log hours, and add notes offline with automatic synchronization once the network connection is restored. MAT is designed to provide instant access to all knowledge resources and built-in assistance features on the fly.

Seamless Integration

MAT can interface with various third-party software such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, automation systems, condition monitoring systems, or any other solution with standard application programming interfaces (APIs). Consequently, maintenance-relevant processes are streamlined.

Packed with Metals Industry-Specific Maintenance Know-how

MAT delivers maintenance know-how specifically tailored to the needs of the metals industry. It supports all relevant maintenance activities, from choosing the right strategy to defining maintenance intervals or providing instructions on how to perform certain service tasks. MAT’s scope goes far beyond what other solutions provide.

During an asset operational lifecycle from procurement to disposal, Maintenance and Asset Technology integrates with enterprise resource planning systems to track stock levels and combines with ALEX to receive failure indications. Maintenance and Asset Technology combines these resources with historical maintenance records to predict necessary maintenance activities. All these features combine with the external “know-how” of the global team of maintenance engineers at Primetals Technologies.

Maintenance and Asset Technology also provides connected services that are easily accessible via a dedicated web portal, where producers can request and receive remote guidance and support, on-site services, spare parts, plant documentation, and training. Guided support enables virtual interaction with experts at Primetals Technologies regarding troubleshooting, maintenance execution, and inspections. Maintenance and Asset Technology has what it takes for metallurgical plants to work more efficiently and economically by combining digital solutions and integrating feedback and responses to maintenance needs at plants and workshops worldwide.