Rolling for the Future

The new cold-rolling complex at Tosyali-Toyo Celik A.Ş., Turkey

In autumn 2014, Tosyali-Toyo Celik A.Ş. awarded Primetals Technologies
a contract for rolling facilities that included a coupled pickling line-tandem cold mill (PL-TCM), a tin-plated steel-sheet continuous annealing line (Tin-CAL) and a temper double-cold-reduction (DCR) mill for a new cold-rolling complex in Osmaniye, Turkey. Installation of the mill complex commenced in March 2016, and progress is advancing smoothly in accordance with the project time schedule.

In 2012, Tosyali-Toyo Celik was officially inaugurated as a company with the signing of a joint-venture agreement between Tosyali Holdings of Turkey and the Japanese company Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd. The new cold-rolling complex is designed to produce cold-rolled steel sheet, tin-plated steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and painted steel. Primetals Technologies was selected as the main contractor for the supply of all equipment, including the most advanced technological mechanical equipment, the electrical equipment and automation systems, as well as the field engineering, supervision of installation and commissioning, and training for operating personnel in Osmaniye. The PL-TCM will feature the patented iBox pickling process and a 5-stand 6-high Universal Crown Control Mill (UCM) for all stands. The stands will be driven by an all-digital AC drive system and the high-response hydraulic gauge control (HGC) system Hyrop-F. A new state-of-the-art automatic gauge control (AGC) system will be installed to ensure highly precise rolled strip thicknesses. With this equipment, the PL-TCM is designed to roll 1 million tons of high-quality, cold-rolled steel strip and black plate per year. Furthermore, the technology will help increase production efficiency and improve production yield and quality, and thereby obtain a higher return on investment. Table 1 shows the main design specifications of the PL-TCM. The Tin-CAL will have an annual production of 240,000 tons. The vertical-type annealing furnace will consist of pre-heating (PHS), heating (HS), soaking (SS), first-cooling (1CS), second-cooling (2CS) and third-cooling (3CS) sections, all developed by Primetals Technologies. The annealing furnace is designed to flexibly produce T1 through T5. A compact-type tension leveler will be installed after the cleaning section in order to correct material strip-shape deviations. This is important to ensure smooth and reliable operation in the annealing furnace, even at a maximum line speed of 500 m/min. Table 2 shows the main design specifications of the Tin-CAL.

The temper DCR mill will consist of a two-stand UCM and is designed to perform double-cold reduction as well as two-stand temper rolling. In the DCR process, the annealed strip, after reduction in a tandem cold mill, is reduce rolled on the No. 1 stand and temper rolled on the No. 2 stand. This process imparts the strip with its prescribed mechanical strength. In two-stand temper rolling, the strip is temper rolled in both stands 1 and 2 to the prescribed elongation ratios to obtain the desired mechanical characteristics.

Progress according to plan

Almost all mechanical and electrical equipment has been delivered to the Osmaniye site. Installation work is now progressing smoothly. Primetals Technologies has already dispatched some field-service engineers to supervise site installation and will dispatch more engineers as the project moves forward. The hot run of the facilities is scheduled for late 2016, which will be carried out jointly with Tosyali-Toyo Celik personnel.

Main specifications of the PL-TCM

Capacity: 1 million t/a

Entry strip gauge: 1.6 mm to 4.0 mm

Entry coil weight: 30,000 kg

Exit strip width: 700 mm to 1,300 mm

Exit strip gauge: 0.16 mm to 2.0 mm

Exit coil weight: 30,000 kg

Material grades (- Cold rolled; – Black plate): ULC (IF), HSLA DD11-DD14 (DI EN 0111)

Line speed at mill exit: 1,440 m/min. max.

Main specifications of the Tin-CAL

Capacity: 240,000 t/a

Entry strip width: 700 mm to 1,300 mm

Entry strip gauge: 0.16 mm to 0.8 mm

Entry coil weight: 30,000 kg max.

Exit strip width: 700 mm to 1,300 mm

Exit strip gauge: 0.16 mm to 0.8 mm

Exit coil weight: 30,000 kg max.

Products: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5

Line speed (center): 500 m/min. max. 

Temper DCR mill summary of specifications

Annual capacity: 303,000 tons

Entry strip width: 700 mm to 1,300 mm

Entry strip gauge: 0.16 mm to 1.2 mm for temper-rolled strip
0.18 mm to 0.4 mm for DCR-processed strip

Entry coil weight: 30,000 kg max.

Exit strip width: 700 mm to 1,300 mm

Exit strip gauge: 0.16 mm to 1.2 mm for temper-rolled strip
0.12 mm to 0.3 mm for DCR-processed strip

Exit coil weight: 30,000 kg max.

Products: T1–T5, DR6–DR10

Line speed (center): Max. 1,500 m/min