ECO Solutions for future-oriented plants

The ECO Solutions of Primetals Technologies have been developed to improve the CO2 footprint of today’s steel plants, to save resources, and to achieve environmental compliance even under the most demanding conditions. It is evident that future-oriented steel-production facilities have to rely heavily on technologies that optimize both their ecological compatibility and their overall efficiency. As Primetals Technologies has a large variety of ECO Solutions in its portfolio, only a selection of them can be presented here to serve as examples.

Dynamic Suction Control is an important innovation that significantly reduces the energy consumption of dedusting systems. At its core, it is a sophisticated control algorithm that is based on mathematical models developed over time to reflect the complex processes taking place during dedusting. Dynamic Suction Control calculates the ideal pressure set-point and damper position, which can reduce the energy required for included-draft-fan operation by as much as 20%. The solution is easily adjustable and can be added to all types of dedusting systems.

GreenButton is as conceptually simple as it is effective. It is essentially a power scheduler for dedusting systems that systematically optimizes energy consumption during planned or unplanned plant-standstill periods. Plant engineers can predefine different scenarios in which GreenButton will be active, and can select the appropriate setup momentarily and with ease when indicated. GreenButton can capture even the most complex situations that occur in today’s as well as tomorrow’s steel plants.

Bag-Filter Control is another huge step forward for dedusting systems. It dynamically sets the cleaning pulse in order to reduce the consumption of pressurized air. Any damaged cleaning valves or filter bags are automatically detected, freeing workers from manual inspection and allowing them to focus on other tasks. The power electronics of the Bag-Filter Control system are maintenance-free. The operator has the option of overriding the automatic selection of advanced cleaning modes. Overall, Bag-Filter Control makes dedusting more cost-effective by reducing the consumption of production-related resources and lowering the need for human labor.