Taper Checker Wireless

The high-precision, robustly designed taper measuring system can be applied in any conventional slab caster.

The Taper Checker Wireless is a taper-measuring system designed to check and adjust the mold within the required tolerances before casting begins. The taper of the lateral mold surfaces is precisely measured with long-term stable inclinometers, a critical procedure given that correct tapers of mold narrow faces can minimize the number of breakouts and improve the surface quality of cast slabs.

The Taper Checker Wireless eliminates virtually all human error, such as entering incorrect calibration values. The operator’s only job is to measure both narrow faces, and by pressing the transmit button, the measured correction value is sent to the automation system wirelessly.

A small display on top of the measuring device shows the correction values, enabling the user to check the plausibility of the measured taper. The Taper Checker Wireless can also be used in the maintenance area, where no Wi-Fi calibration is done.

The Taper Checker Wireless is designed to be extremely stable, which means that under normal circumstances accuracy and usage are not affected by the actual measuring process. The robustly designed system makes taper measuring a quick and easy process. As such, it can be applied in any conventional slab caster. Thanks to its modular block design, the measuring system can also be cost-effectively tailored and configured to meet individual customer needs.