Subscribe to Success: Subscription-based Automation

Primetals Technologies launched its subscription model for caster process optimization systems four years ago. Today, steel producers can operate a couple of dozens of automation solutions from Primetals Technologies based on subscription, benefiting from the ability to focus on their core business and adapt to industry demands. In this exclusive event from METEC 2023, hear directly from Swiss Steel Holding about their experience with subscription-based automation systems, the characteristics of these systems, and their benefits.

Our Speakers

Jens-Sebastian Klung

Head of Meltshop Siegen & Raw Materials at Swiss Steel Holding AG

Markus Schmidt

Head of Process IT SI/HA at Swiss Steel Holding AG

Wolfgang Oberaigner

Head of Through-Process Quality Control Systems at Primetals Technologies

Kurt Herzog

Head of Industry 4.0 at Primetals Technologies • Kurt Herzog has been with the company for 20 years and focuses on automation efforts that make the total complexity of steel-plant operation more manageable.

Dr. Christoph Stangl

Christoph Stangl has more than 25 years international experience in marketing, sales, consulting, manufacturing and (information) technology. At Primetals Technologies he acts as moderator, conceptioner and creator of remarkable content. Christoph focuses on the needs, pains, gains and solutions of steel producers to improve the automation, optimization and digitalization of their steel plants.