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How We Make Green Happen

New, more environmentally friendly solutions for the ironmaking stage and for converter steelmaking are key to the green transformation, says Dr. Gerald Wimmer.

Why do you want to make green happen?

Dr. Gerald Wimmer: I want to make green happen because climate change is a serious issue and today’s steel industry is a big contributor to the world’s CO2 emissions. By “greening” the steel industry, we are making an important contribution. On a personal level, I have three children and want them to see them grow up in an environment worth living in. Green steel, in terms of us providing the technology for producing it, goes far beyond profit. I find it very meaningful and motivating.

How do the technologies you specialize in enable the transition to green steel?

Wimmer: My team is working in two areas, converter steelmaking and the Smelter technology. As a result, we are approaching green steel from two different angles: With converter steelmaking, we are optimizing the traditional integrated production route by increasing the ratio of scrap used as a base material. With the Smelter, we are developing a completely new ironmaking solution that will prompt a massive decrease in carbon emissions per ton of steel. The Smelter extends the range of direct-reduced iron compatible with the electric steelmaking route, so that lower-grade pellets can be used.

In this session of Pioneers Talk, Gerald Wimmer and Tom Widter discuss a new and groundbreaking project that points to the future of sustainable steel production.