Talk is Silver, Writing is Gould

Introducing Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Gould, Chief editor of Metals Magazine since its launch in 2006

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There is hardly a man alive who embodies Primetals Technologies’ history to date quite as well as Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Gould, the accomplished and meticulous editor of the magazine you currently hold in your hands. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the metallurgical mastermind that he is. His eager eye, indeed his strict scrutiny, made it quite a challenge to sneak this column past him all the way to printer’s press. With any luck, he will be quite surprised to be reading these lines – and for once we will have managed to throw him off the scent and foil his perfectionism.

First violin

Larry Gould not only holds a doctorate in exploration geology, he also has a flair for the written word, and he is no stranger to the occasional pun. He enhances the technical content of this magazine while striving to present it in a compact, catchy and polished way. His writ-ing style is suffused with a certain melody, and those who know him, know he is very much a musical person. In fact, he is not only first violin at our magazine – he also played the violin in the orchestra at Johannes Kepler University in Linz until the early 1990s. Even his voice has a melodic quality, and hearing him recite literature in English is a particular pleasure.

One of the locals

But what made Larry Gould, a native of Elisabeth, New Jersey, U.S.A., venture across the pond to Austria? Before his career in industrial plant construction, it was his interest in natural sciences and a desire to study at the Montanuniversität Leoben, with its specialization in mining, that brought him to Europe. Austria soon became his new adoptive home, and was the place where he met and married Gaby. Together with his wife, he now lives in the Mühlviertel region of Upper Austria. Larry Gould spends much of his free time on his farm, and he continually surprises his colleagues with the exceptional tomatoes he grows. As many as a hundred different tomato plants can be found in his greenhouse. Larry Gould has even managed to endear himself to the Mühlviertel “natives,” which itself is no mean feat. This was surely aided by his being the only American in the volunteer fire department, and by his enthusiastic use of the linguistic peculiarities of the local dialect. He draws strength from the unspoiled nature of the Mühlviertel region, which also inspires him to keep fit. Larry Gould has run several marathons and half-marathons, and he has also clocked up considerable mileage on his bicycle.

We at Primetals Technologies say thank you, Larry, for your dedication and commitment. Your extraordinary efforts have made Metals Magazine into a mainstay publication in the metals industry.

Larry Gould’s eager eye, indeed his strict scrutiny, made it quite a challenge to sneak this column past him all the way to printer’s press.

Born in 1952 in Elisabeth, New Jersey, U.S.A., Lawrence Gould was only 20 when he spent his first year in Europe. In 1975 he came to Austria to study in Leoben. In January 1981, as a doctoral graduate in exploration geology, he began working in industrial plant construction at Voest (today Primetals Technologies). As a geologist, he has supervised a wide variety of mining projects. Larry Gould has spent much of his long career abroad, with stays in China and the United Arab Emirates. In 1984 he spent almost a full year working in Barbados. He also often visits friends and family in the United States. Larry Gould is a much-valued colleague at Primetals Technologies. He performs an admirable balancing act, combining his metallurgical expertise with linguistic prowess as an editor and even translator. Those who work with him also appreciate his clever sense of humor and self-irony.