How We Make Green Happen

Green steel is the future—but how to get there? As steel companies around the world flesh out their plans for the transition to sustainable production, they discover that only the most innovative of solutions will let them reach their final destination. At Primetals Technologies, we view it as our responsibility to design precisely the solutions required to make the green transformation a reality. We are here—to make green happen.

The transition to green steel—to sustainable steel production, which protects our planet’s resources and safeguards the environment—is unfolding at great speed. Demand for greener consumer products is on the rise in more and more countries worldwide, encouraging steel producers to map out their strategies for how to optimally realize green steel principles. Importantly, the trend does not solely affect production methods, making them more environmentally compatible and compliant with future governmental regulations. Rather, “green steel” also suggests that producers revise and update their portfolio to feature steel grades made to a new and greener standard—grades that will only increase in market value compared to their regular counterparts.

Green Steel Means Innovation

However, transitioning to green steel is easier said than done. As steel producers look for the right technologies that will enable them to reach their sustainability goals, they often turn to Primetals Technologies for advice, support, and, most of all, the innovations required to future-proof their production routes for the decades ahead. They know that it will take next-level solutions and services to shift their operations into higher gear. They are also aware that green steel production does not simply affect the ironmaking stage, even though it tends to be especially carbon-emissions intensive. Sustainability covers everything from the sourcing of raw materials to the green distribution of one’s products.

Making Green Happen Today

At Primetals Technologies, we take a holistic view, providing green-production solutions for every step of the production chain. While some are more prominent—for instance, Hydrogen-Based Fine-Ore Reduction (HYFOR), the Smelter, and Arvedi Endless Strip Production—they all play a crucial role in reaching the overarching target. With these innovations, we are making green happen.

Pioneer of Green Steel

Sustainability is of great long-term relevance to steel producers across the globe. Primetals Technologies’ Head of Green Steel gives essential strategic advice.

Dr. Alexander Fleischanderl

Why do you want to make green happen?

Dr. Alexander Fleischanderl: The steel industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide in the world, with an approximate share of 8–9 percent of the emissions total. I believe that Primetals Technologies is the ideal partner for producers looking for solutions to realize carbon-neutral steel production by 2040.

What is key in creating and implementing a smart, future-oriented green steel strategy?

Fleischanderl: Any future-oriented green steel strategy must rest on three pillars: First, optimizing the efficiency of any existing production equipment. Second, electrifying as many process steps as possible and getting prepared for the hydrogen era. This means investing in hydrogen-ready processes, knowing that they will have to run on fossil fuels for a few more years. Third, carbon capture and utilization will address the last remaining, unavoidable carbon emissions. Such a three-fold strategy will safely lead traditional steel producers into a net-zero future. And don’t forget about digitalization, which can be a huge contributor to the target of net-zero. Smart sensors and insights-based process optimization, paired with AI, are only two examples of such digital solutions.

We make green happen: Enabling the transition to green steel

As we are committed to making green steel production a reality, we want to underscore our determination with a programmatic video, which we invite you to watch today. We firmly believe that future generations should enjoy the same—if not greater—benefits from what the global steel industry has to offer. And we are making our contribution by crafting new, groundbreaking technologies that will define the way steel is produced.