Saver of Resources

How We Make Green Happen

Maximizing the environmental compatibility of today’s plants is the ambition of Dr. Thomas Steinparzer, which goes hand-in-hand with creating salable by-products.

Why do you want to make green happen?

Dr. Thomas Steinparzer: I care a great deal about sustainability. As a company building steel plants, we have the opportunity to make a significant contribution by designing our solutions for maximum environmental compatibility. Today’s plants should, for instance, integrate nicely into residential areas without any major disadvantages for the surrounding population. By making the necessary considerations, we help to ensure that the next generation can count on sustainable metals production and greener steel products. This chance to make a positive impact gives me purpose.

What are the main objectives of your environmental solutions?

Steinparzer: My team and I are putting it this way: we strive to be “saving resources while creating value.” This mantra stretches from waste-heat recovery and the reduction and containment of noise all the way to off-gas cleaning and dust-recycling plants. The latter two are a great showcase for our motto: First, we remove various kinds of emissions and ensure clean air, for example, with our MEROS system. Then, we turn what we’ve filtered into something salable—via By-Product Leaching.

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